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                    Investigation 08/20/2011                               

Location: Tipton County Indiana
Private Residence


Children playing in the apartment were seeing a ghost child that they offered their toys to. The spirit was then waking them up in the night and had them crying. One child claimed the spirit child had tried to bite him. A particular toy truck was moved from the kid's bedroom to a area by the front window in the living room.   Strange noises,  footsteps, and other objects moving. Two of the adult inhabitants were suddenly at odds with each other.


NCP Investigation revealed that the two apartments investigated both had some paranormal activity. Partial mist apparitions were seen in lower kitchen and in the main living area of the upstairs apartment.  Green orbs  and lights were observed, heavy breaths, and shadows moving in rooms. Several EVP's were caught at the location. Below are just a few of those caught on recorders. Based on the evidence collected, NCP feels the location is haunted. Likewise there seems to be no danger to the occupants and their children. Since the investigation, activity has fell off and those involved have learned to live with the ghostly inhabitants of their respective apartments.

Audio Evidence

EVP #1  During a GhostBox session, and EVP was caught of a child saying "Hi". The voice may not have been on the GB but was caught at the 4.5 second mark of this clip.
EVP #2  A low whispered male voice says "Mom" at the 4.6 seconds point in this clip. The team was taking a break when a static recorder caught this EVP.
EVP #3 This clip is slightly amplified, but you will hear a male voice say "He is rough!" at the 8.0 second mark during an EVP session.
EVP #4 A very clear male voice says "Sandy" which happens to be a dog in the apartment. You can hear this older male on a couple of other clips but particularly on this one at the 11.2 sec point of the audio.
EVP #5 A static recorder catches a male voice saying quite loudly "Myron!" at the 8.25 second mark. No one present during the investigation or who was known to live there had the name of Myron.
EVP #6 Slightly slowed down at the 10 .0 sec point, John, Matt and Steve are encouraging the entity in the room to come forward; but get the response of "Fu#k You!" for their efforts.
EVP #7 A strange response was captured by Steve's recorder as the dog mentioned above walked through the room. At the 8.3 second mark you can hear a female voice say "I am!"
EVP #8 A very low male voice says "Stairway" bare audible at the 3.5 second point in this audio.
EVP #9 A really odd EVP caught just before a white form was observed by John, Matt and Steve. The sound can be heard at the 7.8 second mark and sounds like someone belching really loud.  Perhaps the investigation gave our ghost some indigestion.
EVP #10


Caught on a static recorder, a male voice say "Nice!" at the 8.0 second mark. The voice and walking in the background are all of the investigators heading upstairs to a second apartment.
EVP #11 A really chilling catch from Steve's recorder. At the 8.2 second mark the older man's voice  breaks out of the back ground with "Bring the bodies in!" Just what this means is still a puzzle. The building before it was an apartment was offices and for a brief three years a nursing home. But its history goes back to the 1890's with most of what it was shrouded in mystery with no records to track.  Class A EVP
EVP #12 Static recorder in Kid's bedroom caught a quick "Fu#k You!" in a very evil sounding voice at the 8.4 second point.
EVP #13 As Steve was repositioned his recorder in the Kids Bedroom, the old male again speaks saying "I do" that can be heard plainly at the 7.3 second mark.
EVP #14 Jim was a very popular person at this investigation. During setup, a static recorder caught a female entity saying "Jim" at the 10.3 second mark of the audio. The voice sounds a lot like Lisa Hudson who was not even present at this investigation.
EVP #15 During a downstairs EVP session, Matt, John and Steve  were unaware that Matt's recorder caught a female voice whispering "Matt" at the 13.5 second point of this clip.
EVP #16 This EVP was caught again on Matt's recorder. As he was walking with it, a male entity decided to say "Hi" at the 9.75 second mark of the audio.
EVP #17 John's recorder caught this hurried male spirit saying "Mother!" at the 6.5 second mark. The investigators in the room thought they heard a breath.
EVP #18 Caught on Jim's recorder, at the 6.1 second mark a female voice says "I asked!"
EVP #19 & Video Jim's full spectrum camera caught this male voice saying "Yeah!" at the 2 second mark.
EVP #20 In the master bedroom upstairs, Steve's static recorder caught a strange thud and then something sliding near the dresser the recorder was on. All investigators present were in a different room.
EVP #21 Here is a really strange audio capture. Same recorder and same room as audio above; you will hear a woman's deep exhale of breath, then something again sliding around on what sounds like the wood floor in the room, and then the woman saying "Mua!", but very low.  No one was in the bedroom at the time of the recording. The investigators were in another room and can be heard in the background.
EVP #23 Similar to the earlier EVP caught downstairs, Steve's recorder again catches someone belching very loudly at the 5.8 second mark. 
EVP #24 A female voice is heard saying "Is!" starting at the 7 seven second mark of this audio.
EVP #25 Upstairs with Jim and some of the apartment owners; they were seeing a flash of light that at first they thought  was lightning. It became more apparent after several of them say it it wasn't. During the discussion of what they were seeing, a male voice says "I am"  at the 7.25 second mark.
EVP #26 & Video Again Jim's full spectrum camera  caught what sounds like a belch on the audio. From the reaction from those investigating upstairs, it was audible to all.
EVP #27 & Video Another full spectrum video who's audio produced a whispered male voice saying "Get out!"
EVP #28 Another audio this time of a male voice saying "Jim!" at the 3.5 second mark. It was audible to the group there as you an tell from the reactions.
EVP #29 The dog in the apartment two time triggered a response. In a very low whisper, what sounds like a child says "Grab her!" at the 9.1 second mark.
EVP #30 During a break, Steve's recorder caught a disembodied male voice again saying "Grab her!" at the 5.25 second mark.
EVP #31 Here is a clip that is really a weird one; a male voice say "Did you rub his pencil?" at the 2.7 second mark of the audio. The clip runs on so you can hear the other male voice that was in the room at the time of the EVP.

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