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Location:  Rossville Opera House / Rossville, IL

Investigators: Steve Edwards, Matt Campbell, Sheree Edwards, Jim Goodpaster, Julie Myers, Ashley Toledo, and Mike Edwards.

Guest Investigators: John Hollis, Nancy Dyer, and Tammie Graves


Rossville Opera House is a recent addition to the paranormal investigation scene. Not much evidence as been documented by the groups that have investigated the site. NCP always goes into a site with the idea that we are looking for new evidence. We try to be paranormal pioneers of sorts so this location was a natural selection.

The building has been many things; an opera house, a Mason's Lodge on the third floor, an auction house, a possible bootlegger joint, and even housed some chickens. The original stage area is not intact and has no resemblance to many of the Opera Houses NCP has investigated in the past. The Mason's Lodge on the third floor (that was closed down in 1947) likewise, is not intact either. But it's original layout can be assumed in the room design.  EVP's and Ghost box interaction are the two biggest claims of the building from the few groups that NCP has talked to about their investigations in the building.


The NCP Team was able to cover this site with the help of guest investigators.   The downstairs and what would have been the stage area had little to no activity. Unexplained lights in the elevator shaft were the only phenomena observed as well as someone talking and walking above on the second floor when no one was there.

The second floor had the most activity. A distinct shadow person was observed by several investigators near the kitchen area. as well in the long south hallway. This shadow appeared to be running and hiding from observers. An interesting set of EVP's from this floor somewhat validates this behavior. It would appear from the evidence that their may be a child or two on that floor as well as other entities.

The Mason's lodge (denoted below with a (ML), which has been the site of a dark entity that has reportedly shoved investigators into walls and off chairs. The team conducted an experiment using our guest Nancy Dyer as a blind-folded Masonic candidate. Members were positioned to stand in positions occupied by the Junior and Senior Wardens with the Worshipful Master at their stations as they would have been in the lodge.  The idea was to invoke a response by the spirit in the lodge that seemed to be angered by anyone entering the lodge room. The experiment ground to halt when Nancy was uncovered as a woman; something a Mason's lodge would never do. Absolutely no response happened and several members tried to actually provoke a response. Again nothing was recorded during that session. Several EVP's were caught in that room on the other hand. There may have been no physical activity to speak up but that is generally the case when EVP's are being recorded. They just chose a different way to use their energy that night. Several investigators observed unaccounted for balls of light that shot across the ceiling of the room. This were recorded a personal experiences with no physical evidence actually collected.

As always, this just one night and does not speak in terms of what another group or the NCP Team might experience at another night. But NCP really did not have much activity. We did catch several EVP's. The location certainly deserves further investigation  and perhaps as time goes on, further evidence will be made public. NCP at this time would have to say that building is experiencing  paranormal activity but is not particularly haunted by our standards. But a wealth of EVP's were caught even if they were not particularly interactive physically. The Opera House is still a great place to hunt and the owner Dave Triska was a great host.

Below are some of the results of that first night's investigation.

Audio Evidence

EVP #1 Julie caught this great little clip in the Mason's Lodge (ML). A male voice says "Newton can't respond!" at the 9 second mark.
EVP #2 A male voice blurts out "Mike" clearly heard at the 6.6 second mark of the audio.
EVP #3 A recorder in on the 2nd floor may well have caught a child the team discovered seems to be a resident voiced his plea quite clearly in a sing song manner heard hear starting at the 7.5 second point. The child seems to be saying "Don't... home ..never... go home!"
EVP #4 John Hollis caught a muffled female voice in the (ML) saying  "Can you see me!" heard at the 6.3 second mark. The area of the EVP is slightly amplified so you can better hear it.
EVP #5 A younger male voice says "Did you see em!" at the 6.7 second mark. Caught in the (ML) again.
EVP #6 This is a low volume audio but you can hear a young boy say "Leave!" at the 4.3 second mark. Listen carefully and a male voice saying behind the boy's voice at it's very end "I call em back to me!" at 4.8 seconds.  And then the boy says "Mississippi!" at 6.4 seconds and again at 9.0 seconds. It is hard to tell who is interacting with who. This was caught on the second floor.
EVP #7 A child was caught near the historical building saying "That's mommy!" at the 1.5 second mark while a woman speaks behind the child saying "That's.....mine!" This was caught on Matt's recorder on the outside of the building. The site and surrounding area were a cemetery. It was supposedly moved to a new location with the development of the area.
EVP #8 (ML) A male voice in a very polite manner says "Sorry!" heard at the 3.5 second mark  evidently to Ashley.
EVP #9 (ML) An entity whispers out loudly to "Keep out!" heard here at the 5.5 second point of the clip.
EVP #10 During a session in the (ML) , a female whispered near Steve's recorder "Diesel" heard at the 9.5 second mark. Steve's recorder was not near Nancy and Dave at the time, and this voice is not them.
EVP #11 Sheree caught a child on her recorder making a simple but clear statement of "Amazing!" heard at the 6.7 second point. This was caught on the way to the above mentioned  historical building.
EVP #12 (ML) Another clip caught in the lodge. A male whispers "Good job!" to Ashley, Tammie, and Steve. It can be heard at the 6.2 second mark.
EVP #13 Over the years we have encountered an entity that we call a "Mimic' It appears that the Opera House has one as well. This one is trying to imitate Dave the owner by saying "F#ck em!" at the 6.5 second mark. The cadence is quite different in the voice and slightly out of sync with his. 
EVP #14 The opera seems to have its share of children within it's walls. At the 5.0 second point a child seems to be laughing. It is a quick burst and then gone on this static recorder on the 2nd floor. 
EVP #15 This 2nd floor clip sounds as if another child is trying to persuade someone to go to the Maglite session and respond. She can be heard saying "Go in!" at the 6.9 second point of the audio.
EVP #16 (ML) This is a very clear spirit EVP letting Steve know what it thinks of his demand. You can hear it yell "Get out! at the 5.5 second point.
EVP #17 This is a faint child voice again on the 2nd floor saying "Daddy!" at the 4.5 second mark. It is slightly amplified to better hear. No, that is not a ghost train, that is a real train. There is one about a half a block away.
EVP #18 Another polite ghost saying "Excuse me!" at the 9.5 second point.
EVP #19 (ML) A very clear "Keep out!" can be heard at the 5.5 second mark of this clip.
EVP #20 (ML) Ashley had someone walking near her in the area called the Tyler's Room. The footsteps can be heard on this audio as well.
EVP #21 A male voice on the second floor can be heard saying "Watch the hall!" at the 5.0 second mark. Again the mimic is trying to duplicate one of the investigators, this time Steve. The voice is farther from the recorder and has an echo to it not heard in Steve's voice.
EVP #22 (ML) A male voice in the background says "Rodney" heard at the 4.5 second mark.
EVP #23 (ML) A  eerie voice says "Mike was sleeping!" heard at the 6.5 second mark. This voice was quite clear and audible to all in the lodge.
EVP #24 (ML) Another strange voice out of the blue as the group is getting ready to head upstairs from the antique shop area. At the 6.1 second mark a male entity says "It's a hard window." We have no idea what it is talking about.
EVP #25 (ML) A strange reply from a distant male voice simple saying "Boo!" to the investigators in the lodge area in response. It was quite audible to Steve at the time who was sitting in the Senior Warden Station of the lodge heard on this clip at 3.9 seconds.
EVP #26 (ML) Julies recorder caught the same audible only at a even closer range heard here at the 8.5 second point.
EVP #27 (ML) Another recorder of Steve's that was sitting in the center of the lodge likewise caught the audible at 4.0 seconds.
EVP #28 Matt caught this recording just before Julie snaps a picture on something hissing "Die!" heard at the 5.5 second mark.
EVP #29 (ML) Another noise caught by a static recorder in the lodge. No one is in the room at the time, you can hear something flipped like a drawer handle then a deep sigh all starting at the 6.4 second point.
EVP #30 Very faintly a female voice is responding to Ashley's Maglite session on the second floor. "Not seen!" can be heard at the 7.0 second point.
EVP #31 (ML) Another rather loud male entity voices it's opinion of "Get out!" at the 5.5 second point of this audio. Caught by Matt's recorder in the lodge.
EVP #32 The same female voice caught earlier by Ashley on the 2nd floor can again be heard hear at the 3.5 second point of this clip saying "Get out!" If only we had a hundred dollars every time we have caught this phrase slung at us. We'd be rich.
EVP #33 In the main opera area, while watching a strange light crossing the room; a female makes a gulp sound heard at the 6.7 second mark of the audio.
EVP #34 Strange are the impressions left by the dead as shown by this clip from the 2nd floor where a male (Slightly Amplified) says "Fire" at the 8 second point and a female says faintly "Twins" at the 12.6 second point.  
EVP #35 (ML) During a debriefing in the lodge area with part of the team who had just returned from the cemetery area yielding this EVP from a female whispering "One's in drag!" at the 4.7 second point and then a quick "Yup!" by the same voice at the 9.4 second point.
EVP #36 Another strange clip with a male voice saying "Pee!" at the 4.2 second mark. This was caught in the main Opera House.
EVP #37 A muffled voice caught by the ladies team in the same area that can be heard at the 4.sec mark of the clip seeming saying "See me!" while lights are crossing the room.
EVP #38 At the 4.0 second point of this clip you will hear something being moved in the lodge by a static recorder.
EVP #39 (ML) The ladies team in the lodge caught a male voice saying "GO!" at the 4.0 second mark.
EVP #40 The young boy on the second floor left the team one last message on a static recorder left on the piano on the west side of the 2nd floor. When asked by Ashley if he missed his home using the Maglite; he responded with "I am home!" heard very low at the 7.0 second mark.
EVP #41 (ML) The ladies team was given one last piece of advice by a male entity in the lodge area. Not very easy to hear so you may have to crank it up, a very low whispered voice says "Don't f#ck up." at the 9.5 second mark of the audio.

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